Highlights In Resume

In November of 2010, there were 15.1 million unemployed people in the United States. This has made a highly competitive job market even tougher. Now many people are vying for a limited number of positions in their fields of interest. So how do you show potential employers that your qualifications are more valuable than those of other candidates? You have to make your résumé pop.

Here are some tips for making your résumé and your qualifications stand out:

Draw Readers In with an Engaging Cover Letter

HR departments are flooded with résumés on a regular basis. There’s no way that hiring managers have the time to comb through every résumé that lands on their desks or shows up in their inboxes. So it’s important that you include a cover letter with your résumé and make it compelling, concise and engaging. Explain how your skills, qualifications and attributes match up with the job requirements. If you do this effectively, you could possibly land yourself an interview.

Make Sure Your Experience is Relevant

So you collected chicken eggs on a farm or swept chimneys in the past, but if these jobs don’t relate to the position you are currently applying for, leave them off of your résumé. It’s essential that you only include pertinent experience on your résumé. This can even include volunteer work, leadership roles or community involvement. Even though they might be nonpaid positions, they can still show that you have solid management or interpersonal skills. Employers might also be impressed with your commitment to the community.

Stay Focused and Positive

Employers are looking for job candidates who are enthusiastic and positive. You can show that you are that person by submitting a résumé that is full of vitality. Don’t be afraid to inject a little bit of humor and personality into your résumé. It gives potential employers a sense of who you are. If you show them your enthusiasm, they will have confidence that your enthusiasm will carry over into the position they are offering.

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