Improving Your Online résumé

résumés aren’t permanent. Just because you create one doesn’t mean you use it until you hit retirement. You’re always evolving and changing. Your résumé should reflect that as well. If you’ve been using the same résumé to apply for jobs online and haven’t been seeing any results, you probably need to change some things around. The next time you go to apply for a job, don’t just upload your résumé and hit “submit.” Take a second to look at the job description of the position you are applying for and then look at your résumé. Does the experience on your résumé line up with qualifications that the employer is looking for? If it doesn’t, that is mistake number one.

Could you use a little help in improving your online résumé? Here are a few tips that can get you on your way:

Make Sure Your Résumé Matches the Job

If you are applying for a copywriting job, a potential employer doesn’t want to read about your experiences as a parking lot attendant and a fragrance salesperson. The only experience that should be on your résumé is that which applies to the job you are interested in. Make sure that you include any relevant training, volunteer work, hobbies and certifications on your résumé. Leave the extra stuff out.

Use Keywords

Many companies use databases to manage incoming résumés. They can then query the database for specific keywords to find prospective candidates. That’s why it’s important to include specific keywords in the content of your résumé. Keywords can include job titles, specific areas of expertise and anything else related to the position. If you’re not sure about keywords, take a look at the job posting again. Include some of the words you see in the posting in your résumé.

Make Your Experience Pop

When you are breaking down your experience on your résumé, don’t just give generic descriptions of your old jobs. Potential employers want to know what you accomplished while you were in each position. Talk about how you might have improved a work process or were the top sales person of the quarter. Details like these will show employers the value you could add to their company.

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