How to Apply Online and Get an Employer’s Attention

Applying for a job online is not just about filling in fields with random information and pasting in your résumé. If you want to make the most of your online application efforts and actually get your résumé seen, you have to take the process seriously. Here are some tips that can help you as you apply for jobs online:

Follow Directions

Read the job posting carefully and pay close attention to the employer’s or recruiter’s instructions for submitting your résumé. Find out what format they want you to submit your résumé in and if it should be embedded in an e-mail, e-mailed as an attachment, faxed or mailed. Another thing you should look for is if they want you to include a position code to help them identify the job you’re applying for.

Don’t Leave out the Details

Some online applications are one page, others might take over an hour to finish. Either way, take your time when you’re filling online applications out. If they ask for your last five jobs, include your last five jobs and any additions specifics like contact numbers and addresses for them. Also, don’t leave out any relevant information about your education or special skills. It could hurt your chances of getting an interview.

Always Include a Cover Letter

A cover letter is the best way to introduce yourself to potential employers. It gives you the chance to sell your qualifications and to show your enthusiasm and personality. Make sure your cover letter clearly states the position you are applying for, your relevant skills and a brief statement about why you are qualified for the position. And don’t forget to include your contact information in the cover letter.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

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