Resume Format for Job Interview

Once you receive your customized résumé from JC Résumés, you can use it to apply for a number of jobs online. When you do this, be aware there are a variety of different online résumé formats to choose from. Here are some of those formats:

ASCII Résumé Format

ASCII (pronounced askee) stands for for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. This is a simple text format that does not use formatting specific to any particular application. Documents saved as an ASCII file can be used across all platforms.

HTML Résumé Format

HTML is the markup language used by the web browser to display web content. HTML controls the format, fonts, margins, layouts, colors, tables, links and several other items on the web page. Be aware that HTML is not standardized and your résumé may display differently, depending on the type of browser used to view the web page.

PDF Résumé Format

The .pdf format is the extension used by Adobe® Acrobat®. The benefit of the PDF format is that the document is “embedded.” This means it will look the same regardless of what browser is used. It does require that the viewer has the Adobe® Acrobat® viewer installed on their machine. But it is difficult to place résumés in this format directly into a database.

Rich Text Format

This format is compatible across all platforms and word-processing programs. This is a good choice when you don’t know what file type the employer prefers. It’s also a good idea to paste the text version of your résumé into the body of the e-mail message just in case there is a problem with the attached Rich Text Format document.

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