How to Follow up on Your résumé

In the past, many employers requested that you mail in your résumé. Now many require you to submit them online. So we do with the hopes that we will hear from someone soon. But it often doesn’t work that way. Thousands of people are probably submitting their résumés for that same position. That’s why it is crucial to make an effort to set yourself apart from the crowd. The best way to do this is to follow up on your résumé.

After submitting your résumé, wait two weeks and if you don’t hear anything, take the initiative to contact the company. Some companies might prefer that you send an email. But if you don’t have an email address, send a written note or try calling them. Once you get a hold of a hiring manager, ask them what the next steps are in the recruiting process. Then find out if they need any additional information about you or your résumé. During this time, you can really sell yourself and pique the manager’s interest.

Another thing you can do is see if it’s possible to schedule an informational interview. This will help you learn more about the company and give you the chance to see if it is as warm and fuzzy as their website portrays it to be. By setting up an informational interview you can show the potential employer that you truly are interested in the company and possibly land an actual interview.

By following up, you can actually make good impression on potential employers. You also don’t want to burn bridges with anyone in your profession, so be polite and friendly. Even if you don’t get the job, take the extra step and send a thank you note. This will show potential employers that you are still interested any future openings.

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