Resume Glossary

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If you’re new to the résumé editing process, here are some common résumé writing and editing terms that you might encounter:

Career Profile

The career profile serves as the mission statement for your job search. This section consists of a short and concise paragraph followed by a short bullet list of strengths and expertise.

Chronological Resume

Chronological Resumes list job experience in sequential order. Your most recent job is listed first. Your jobs prior to that are listed in a reverse chronological order. This format works well for those who have job experience in one field and don’t have huge gaps between employment dates.


This is the abbreviation for comma splice.


The format of a résumé is basically the layout. This determines how the information on your résumé will be organized. A couple of popular formats are the chronological résumé and the functional résumé. Format may also refer to the type of electronic résumé that you have.


This is the abbreviation for fragment.

Functional Resume

Functional résumés focus more on skills and experience and less on chronological work experience. These résumés tend to work better for people who change careers frequently or for people with significant gaps between employment dates.


The heading appears at the very top of your résumé. This section includes your name and basic contact information.


This stands for spelling error.

Targeted Resume

Targeted résumés are tailored to a specific audience. This résumé is designed to show that the applicant’s experience and skills are highly relevant to the positions they are applying for.


This is the abbreviation for wordy.

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