Resume Mistakes 2019

Avoid these top 5 resume mistakes before applying

You’ve submitted your résumé time and time again, but you just can’t seem to land an interview. So what is the problem? It could be your résumé. Sure things might look good to you, but maybe you’re missing some very critical mistakes. Here are a few common résumé mistakes that should be avoided:

Long-winded paragraphs – Long paragraphs are great for a research paper. They aren’t great for résumés. Employers are bombarded with résumés. They don’t have time to read each one thoroughly. So instead of writing long paragraphs about each of the jobs you’ve held, use bullet points to draw attention to the duties you performed.

Sending generic résumés to potential employers – résumés aren’t like those Magic Gloves that you can buy from the drug stores. One size doesn’t fit all. The résumé that you used for your last job might not work for a new job opportunity. Before you submit your résumé, take the time to tailor your résumé to the position for which you are applying. Employers want to see why you are the best fit for the position. You can clearly demonstrate this by pointing out relevant skills.

Using the wrong fonts – Again, employers might have to look at a large number of résumés. The last thing they want to read is flowery fonts or fonts that are way too small. Stick with fonts that are easy to read and make sure the font you use is no smaller than 10 point.

Typos – You might have the right experience for the job, but an employer might not be able to focus on that if your résumé is filled with typos. When it’s time to check your résumé, don’t just rely on your computer’s spelling and grammar check function. Have someone else look it over before you submit it. They can probably catch mistakes you might have missed. If you know someone who is a grammar whiz, have them look over your résumé as well. Then you can feel confident about your résumé instead of feeling embarrassed later.

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