How to Prepare for Your Job Interview

When you think about it, a job interview is kind of like a first date. You and your potential employer will meet for the first time. You'll try to woo them with your polished appearance, extensive job experience and your brightest smile. The employer might try to woo you with the benefits of working for them and the promises of professional development. In the end, the employer has the tough choice of deciding if it's better to pursue a professional relationship with you or someone else.

But what's different about a job interview is that you actually can prepare for it. Potential employers actually prefer that you are prepared, whereas your date might think it's kind of creepy that you know way too many details about them. Potential employers like to interview candidates who are composed and well informed. The last thing they want to see is someone fumbling around for answers or someone who doesn't have a clue about what their company does.

Make sure you make a great first impression by preparing for your interview well in advance. Here are some helpful interview preparation tips that just might help you land your next opportunity:

Practice, Practice, Practice - By rehearsing some interview questions before your big day, you can have a general idea of what you're going to say and prevent yourself from getting off track. Go online and search for some common interview questions. Also, do some research on current industry trends and formulate some questions around them. Then sit down with a friend or family member and have them play the role of the interviewer. They can let you know if your answers are good or if you need to say things in a different way.

Have a Dress Rehearsal - Get your outfit together a couple days before your interview. This way, you won't be scrambling to throw something together at the last minute. If you're not sure about your interview outfit, put it on and let a friend critique it. They can tell you if you have too much going on or if you're dressed for success.

Do Your Research – It's imperative that you learn what you can about the industry, the company and the position for which you are interviewing. Don't just limit yourself to the Internet when you do your research. See if it's possible to talk to some people who work at the company. They can tell you more about the work atmosphere and the ins and outs of the position that you're interested in. Also, try to learn more about the company's products or services and goals. You might be able to use that information to respond to an interview question.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

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