How to Address a Layoff on Your résumé

Sure you don't have to put everything on your résumé, but you shouldn't lie either. This is especially true in the case of being laid off. In your eyes, a layoff is automatically a negative thing. But with today's uncertain economic climate, many employers understand that some businesses have been forced to let some of their best workers go because money has been tight. Therefore, being laid off shouldn't automatically be perceived as a negative thing by potential employers.

While it's not necessary to mention a layoff in your cover letter, you should be honest about it on your résumé. You don't have to spell out that you were laid off in that specific position. Just list the dates you were employed and the relevant job duties.

If an interviewer asks why you left, be honest. Let her know you were laid off and why. Maybe it was due to the company downsizing, restructuring or a merger. Let your interviewer know this and then let her know what your strengths were in that position.

Don't use this time to gripe about what you didn't like about the company or your old co-workers. This will only make you look negative.

Take the time to talk about any constructive things that you have done during your layoff. Tell your interviewer about some classes you took, or the time you spent volunteering in your community. This can illustrate your resolve despite tough circumstances.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

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