Résumé Writing

Our certified professional résumé writers work alongside with you in an interactive process to come up with the best possible piece of marketing collateral for your job search. Below are the resume drafting services we offer.

Entry-Level Résumé: $179

If you have just graduated from college, or have less than two years of work experience, there are many ways you can showcase your talent besides an extensive work history. Our resume editing team will assist you in creating a resume that highlights your both your academic and your professional experience, including any internships and volunteer work.

Professional Résumé: $215

Suited for professionals, individual contributors, and managers alike, the professional résumé will offer you a clean, visually appealing format, deliver stellar, flawless language, and market your best abilities. Our writers will work directly with you to bring out your unique skill sets and craft a résumé that is powerful, persuasive, and succinct. Studies show that you have 60 seconds or less to make an impression on a hiring manager or HR representative, and as human resource professionals, we have found this to be 100% accurate!

Executive-Level Résumé: $315

At the executive level, your career history has many years of positions, experience, and noteworthy accomplishments. A professionally written executive resume will help distill your most important responsibilities and achievements into a clear, concise document that stands out to hiring managers.

Federal Résumé: $315

The federal hiring process asks candidates to meet strict qualifications in order to be considered for a position. Meet these standards with a expertly-crafted federal resume demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and abilities. Our staff of writers will develop a resume that matches every specification of the agency in question, framing the skills, experience, and training with the keywords you need.

Military Résumé: $315

Prepare for civilian employment with the help of a team familiar with military terminology. We’ll outline your productive military career in the language and format corporate hiring managers recognize. Our military to civilian resumes are the perfect solution for members of the armed forces transitioning at every professional level. Walk away with a new resume that shows you’re unmatched by other job seekers.

Curriculum Vitae: $315

Apply for grad school, higher education positions, fellowships, grants, and more with a CV that demonstrates your subject matter expertise. Frame your talents as a teacher and researcher, as well as details about publications, presentations, and interests with a professionally designed CV. Your personal writer will paint a complete picture of your achievements!

One of our experienced human resource and placement executives will do the following:

  • Craft dynamic, compelling language for your résumé
  • Tailor your résumé for its target audience
  • Professionally format your résumé
  • Use extensive HR experience to capture the attention of hiring managers
  • Add a personalized summary
  • Return your revised résumé within 5-7 business days
  • Work with you for a period of 7 days on revisions

Professional Cover Letters

Increase your chances of catching a hiring manager’s eye with a succinct cover letter that speaks to both your soft skills and your technical skills as they are relevant to the position.

Cover Letter: $45

In our combined 30+ years of experience at the executive recruiting roundtable, the founder and principals of JC Résumés have noted that many employers and HR professionals have their interest piqued by a compelling cover letter. A traditional job search introduction, the cover letter is used to generate interest in your résumé and therefore, your candidacy.

One of our experienced human resource and placement executives will do the following:

  • Craft a polished cover letter about your unique strengths
  • Increase your chances of being called for an interview by over 50%
  • Provide a format easily adaptable to different positions
  • Return your cover letter within 5-7 business days
  • Work with you on revisions for a period of 7 days

LinkedIn Profile Makeover: $79

Ensure your online brand properly reflects your skills and qualifications and builds your reputation through LinkedIn.

Additional Edits: $50

If you have been working with one of our writers already and your resume is almost to exactly where you want it, but just needs a little bit more tweaking outside of our 7-day revision period, we offer additional edits on an hourly basis. *Please note, this option is only available to our current clients.

Thank you notes, follow up letters, and other items

The professional writers at JC Résumés can assist you in drafting customized employment-related documents, including, job acceptance letters, references and more. Please contact us for more information.