Are Creative Resumes a Good Idea?

Having a creative resume is a hot thing right now, but is it really a good idea? It would be best if you had something that is really eye-catching and shows off your creative side to stand out from the crowd. But do recruiters think this is too much or will it help you land the job? Here are some tips to assist you, should you decide to create a “resume work of art.”

Do employers like creative resumes

When creating a resume, know your target audience. If you’re sending it to a company like Google, then by all means think outside of the box; however, not every company will appreciate the creativity and may even prefer to see a “clean version.” It’s a good idea to have two different versions just in case.

Submitting creative resumes to employer ATS

Most companies use an ATS (Applicant Tracking System).  The key to a good resume is to make it through the ATS and make it to the next step in the process. When candidates create a flashy resume, often times the system is unable to pick up the keywords, thus throwing them out of the process. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you it might be a good idea if applying online to use a standard resume and mail your creative resume in; this will cover your bases.

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Keep creative resumes clean and easy to follow

Recruiters tend to believe that a creative resume is hard to follow. The whole point of the resume is to showcase your skills and also what makes you a fit for the position. When the recruiter has a difficult time locating your skills he or she will toss them in the trash. Recruiters look over a resume in all of 60 seconds.  If they have to spend longer than a minute just trying to understand the layout…you better forget it.

Keep in mind creative resumes are a fun way to stand out of the crowd, but can also have a negative impact. While you should have fun showcasing yourself, remember to keep your information clean, readable, and relevant!