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Strategically approach your next interview with Bettered’s extensive and holistic understanding of the job search process.

Bettered™ is designed to help job seekers tell their career stories in a format that attracts recruiters and managers throughout the job search process. We help showcase your value to drive meaningful change to any organization.
Candidates around the world use our expertise to make strategic changes to how they approach their job search—from resume creation, interview preparation, and salary negotiation to job networking sites to grow their personal brand.

You’ve proven time and time again that you have strong business acumen. You’ve paid your dues through a degree program or two and in the real world. Your strategic analysis, marketing and sales skills are super sharp and have brought you success in the workplace. But now you’re ready face new challenges in business development. The right career opportunity has presented itself and you know your experience and skills make you an excellent candidate for the BDR or a business development position. Unfortunately, if your BDR resume does not showcase your unique talents and skills, you might not even be considered for an interview.

That’s when JC Resumes can help. One of our certified resume writers can create a hand-crafted resume that highlights your experience and sets you apart from other potential business development candidates.

Unlike other resume writing services, JC Resumes does not use templates to create generic business development resumes (also known as BDR resumes). Our professional resume writers actually take the time to learn more about you and your experience and the qualifications that distinguish you from other applicants. Our resume writers have years of staffing and recruiting experience so they know what today’s employers are looking for. They will tailor your resume for its target audience and draw attention to your valuable skills.

If you have a resume that could use a little help, JC Resumes offers resume rewriting, LinkedIn makeover and interview prep coaching services as well. We can return your revised resume within 48 hours. We will also help you work on revisions for a period of seven days.

If you would like to know more about our business development resumes, contact us by filling out the form to the right today.

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