A Few Tips to Rewrite LinkedIn Profile

Tips for Maximizing your LinkedIn Profile Rewrite

A recent article on our blog listed steps on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for recruiters. Here are a few tips rewrite your LinkedIn profile:

  • Your picture. Make certain the photograph is professional. No vacation shots, please. The picture should capture your personality and professional position/industry. For example, someone in a creative field wouldn’t be wearing a suit. A banker wouldn’t be dressed in a tie-dyed T-shirt.
  • Your professional headline. This is what your audience will view first. Make certain it describes you perfectly. It cannot be vague. For example, if you’re a CPA who specializes in tax-related issues, your headline should state that and will read something like this: CPA specializing in taxation and IRS audits for corporate and private clients. Make certain your title is one you want your audience to search for.
  • Share your updates. This will generate audience interest and will encourage readers to view your profile. The article states that you should share updates one to three times daily for maximum results.
  • Get recommendations. You’ll have more credibility when colleagues and other professionals recommend your skills, knowledge, and abilities.
  • Get endorsements. An endorsement differs from a recommendation in that anyone can endorse you. A recommendation is from someone who knows your work firsthand. This doesn’t mean that endorsements aren’t as important. They are. The more endorsements you get for a specific skill, the more you’ll turn up in search engines, which enhances your visibility.
  • Create a custom URL for your profile. This will optimize search results in Google. Generally speaking, you’ll use your full name for your custom URL.

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Don’t Forget about Character Limits When Rewriting LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn has character limits for each field. They are:

  • Headline – 120 characters
  • Summary – 2000 characters
  • Experience/Position Title – 100 characters
  • Experience/Position Description – 2000 characters
  • Skills & Expertise – 61 characters
  • Status updates – 700 characters
  • Groups – 50 groups max (choose your groups wisely)
  • Education/Degree – 100 characters
  • Education/Activities & Societies – 500 characters
  • Education Description – 1000 characters
  • Additional Information/Interests – 1000 characters
  • Honors & Awards – 1000 characters

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